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Vaikuttaminen ja vastuullisuus
Change in society

Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility

Ellun Kanat helps companies and organisations have a constant dialogue with and within the society we live in.

Contributing to public debate has become more an more important instrument in influencing and making an impact. In the future, only companies who know how to effectively communicate their purpose and societal solutions will thrive. 

Our Services 

Public Affairs

Currently, professional lobbying by itself is not effective enough. We want to help our clients contribute to ongoing societal discussions and debates and to have an impact on decision making. In addition, we want to guide our clients to improve their reputation, not only in the eyes of decision makers but also in the eyes of a broader audience.

Corporate Responsibility

For today’s companies, being responsible is a must rather than a maybe. Actions speak louder than words, and therefore we want to encourage our clients to work on sincerely responsible operations. This means concentrating on deeds that are based on the company values but generate functioning solutions and genuine added value for the whole society.

Corporate Activism

The whole existence of corporate activism resides on responsibility. In corporate activism, responsibility is in the core of whole business and its strategy. It is embedded in the way  things are done. We aspire to help our clients to live up to corporate activism by encouraging them to improve and transform their own performance and the whole industry they are operating in, ultimately making the surrounding world a better place to live.

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Jaakko Mustakallio

Change agent, Senior advisor, Client director

Olli-Pekka Koljonen

Change agent, Client director, Head of Publishing