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Brändit ja design
Making change visible

Brands and Design

Building a successful brand is no longer just a matter of traditional marketing communications. A successful brand takes a stand on important issues, tells an exciting story and engages people in conversation.

A brand is what people say about you when you leave the room. However, the brand message is only realised through action. That is why a brand is always about actions, not an image detached from society.

Today, at the heart of meaningful branding is being relevant to a growing number of stakeholders. While both concepts and the organisation’s visual identity are integral to the story that a brand conveys, it is essential to build branding around personal values. Glossy logos and advertising campaigns no longer catch on; brands are expected to live up to their values.

Brand activism requires an understanding of the surrounding society. It is essential to view instilling a brand strategy and implementing campaigns as part of a bigger picture in which a company or organisation is anchored. Ellun Kanat offers a wide range of insights on these. Our comprehensive expertise covers visual identity design, video production and campaign planning. For example, implementing a social advertising campaign is not worthwhile without an insight into the motions of the surrounding world.

Our Services


A brand is the public image of a company or a product – what we first think of when we encounter it. At times, the first thing is no thing, and that is where Ellun Kanat comes in. We execute brand strategies and brand renewals by the means of creative designing and strong strategic vision.

Motion Picture and Video

Motion picture and video make for strong, eye capturing forms of content that deliver effective and impressive messages. Ellun Kanat handles video and animation production all the way from coming up with ideas and writing a script to production and distribution of professionally finished top content.

Visual Communications

We integrate visual communications with strategic communications. Along with many other miracles, our designers visualize information, make infographics, logos, typography and layouts, and also design packages, content for social media, web page layouts and all sorts of advertisements.

Creative Design and Concepts

Everything starts with a feeling. In the endless floods of content we live in, strategically planned and creative marketing campaigns and concepts effectively captivate attention of the recipient and stir up grand feelings.

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