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Change driver analysis and renewed values to support new strategy

Need for change

Luvata renewed its strategy in autumn 2022. As one of the world’s leading producers of copper products and related technical solutions, it employs more than 27 000 people worldwide. Luvata had a clear picture of its business environment, but wanted to gain a better understanding of the megatrends and drivers affecting its business to support its strategy work. The strategy review was also a good moment to renew the values that guide daily behaviour. Luvata chose Ellun Kanat as a partner for this process.


Ellun Kanat used the PESTE framework to create a comprehensive view of the change drivers affecting Luvata. PESTE is an analysis of political, ecological, social, technological and economic issues facing any business. Once the strategy and drivers of change had been clarified, it was important to ensure that corporate values support the pursuit of the goals. To ensure that the values are widely shared throughout the company, it is important to give staff an opportunity to contribute to defining them.


The PESTE analysis started with interviewing key people about the operating environment and drivers of change. Ellun Kanat carried out an extensive desk research of change drivers using international sources. The value project, on the other hand, was carried out by involving all Luvata staff around the world (1400 people). Luvata’s values were developed in two workshops with global directors and the leadership team. As a result of these projects, Luvata gained a comprehensive external view of the change drivers affecting its business to support the strategy process. In addition, Luvata staff now share a common set of values that guide behaviour and decision-making to achieve the new strategic objectives.

“In the process of reformulating our strategy, Ellun Kanat helped us expand our point of view on megatrends affecting the markets we serve. Their analysis was thorough and not only confirmed several assumptions about our business environment but also opened our eyes on potential scenarios that might influence the way we deal with our people and our environment.
We are happy to count on a professional service, 100% available and flexible to our needs. A big thanks to the whole Ellun Kanat team.”

–  Alejandro Tassara, Business Development Director

Anna Kjellberg

change agent, head of strategic communication