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Best Caravan

Award-winning motorhome brand renewal

Best Caravan invited Ellun Kanat to join it on a journey with freedom as a destination. As a result of the cooperation, a renewed brand was developed: one that speaks to new target groups and respects the environment. The fresh motorhome brand has later been awarded internationally.

Matkailuauton ikkunasta näkyvä vuoristomaisema.

The Desire to Change

Traveling with a caravan or a motor home is traditionally not considered as an adventurous hobby, but rather as something rather old-school and dusty. Best Caravan, the market leader in motorhomes and caravans, recognized the need to improve the reputation of the industry and refresh its brand and visual concept in order to appeal to new target groups.

The trends in traveling are in flux: in the past few years, local and sustainable travel has gained more and more popularity. Best Caravan wanted to join this trend and speak to the target groups that value freedom, adventure and the environment. Traveling with a motorhome has picked up steam lately and the image of the industry is slowly changing. But we wanted to speed this process up.

The Vision

The aim of refreshing the brand of Best Caravan was to change the image of the industry and appeal to new target groups. Our quest for understanding the brand’s strengths started with the question: “What opportunities does traveling with a caravan create?” At its core, it is a way of traveling that is completely independent of time and place. This is the image that we wanted at the forefront. 

The main driver of the brand strategy is the idea that Best Caravan is not only a seller of vehicles, but an enabler of a hobby and a lifestyle. It is being developed into a modern lifestyle brand instead of a traditional vehicle dealership.  

The new value proposition and slogan was decided: “Destination: Freedom”. It highlights the possibilities that a caravan creates instead of the vehicle itself.

The Change

We helped Best Caravan create a brand that changes the image of motorhomes and caravans and attracts new customers with a modern look. Based on the work, we designed a campaign called Expert Explorers (Tietäjät löytää) that was meant not only to bolster domestic travel but also launch a new brand and visual identity. 

Best Caravan has put its new brand to practice effectively in a short time frame. The brand strategy guides all action from strategic level to everyday activities: from service concepts and store spaces to the clothes of new employees and experiences of regular customers. In addition, we have helped the client in turning different rental and ownership options into products that are loyal to the new brand strategy. 

The renewal of Best Caravan’s brand gained media visibility with Kauppalehti, Apu and Stara writing articles about it.

Kaksi kuvaa Best Caravanin verkkosivuilta.

Anna Laitinen ja pieni koira kävelevät metsässä lumihangessa matkailuauton ohi.

Anna Laitinen ohjaa matkailuautoa metsätiellä.

Success at competitions

Best Caravan’s new brand strategy was awarded in the international Transform Awards Europe 2022, in category “Best visual identity from the transport and logistics sector”.  Transform Awards Europe 2022 is an international competition that awards the most successful brand modifications and transformations. Participants include both large, global actors and smaller, local agencies. This year, other winners include UEFA, Kitkat and Timberland. 

At Ellun Kanat, we believe that the old ways of developing brands function no longer. In an uncertain world, a brand has to understand its role in the society and provide solutions in customers’ changing everyday life. In this new reality, companies have to understand their environment and redefine their position in relation to the chaotic surroundings. They are expected to resolve large, societal issues. A brand built in open communication with stakeholders is the key to success. 

Ellun Kanat congratulates Best Caravan for their award and thanks the company for the trust and boldness to reform and change. Way to go!

“The amount of new clients has grown almost double as much as last year, and soon it might get challenging to respond to the growing demand. Motorhomes and caravans are selling extremely fast.”

– Tuomas Salminen, marketing director, Best Caravan

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