No balls, no reputation

If I’d start fearing my opponents, I’d probably be better off not even getting out there on that mat.

Petra Olli, wrestler

OFTEN THE GREATEST THREAT TO BUSINESS isn’t a competitor or a risk from the outside, but when a company is left without a reputation, afraid to say anything interesting, enter a dialogue with the world, specialize in any interesting way or take a leap of faith and leave an emotional imprint.

THE WORLD HAS BEEN TAKEN OVER BY AN ARRHYTMIA. Change is happening faster than ever on the outside and companies can’t keep up the same pace on the inside. This new velocity means a new way of doing things. Agility is key.

In the communication revolution the power has shifted from institutions and organizations to all of us. For communication and dialogue, the digital world is a huge opportunity – if you know how to grab it.

Knowledge is power, they say. Nonsense. Power is vision that is born from knowledge.

In a world full of communication, a company needs to be hungry for attention. A pushy wannabe, to put it harshly. It needs to actively seek out opportunities to grab attention and spread influence. Too many plans are left to gather dust in a drawer and too many organizations have no idea what their communications should even be doing. And then there’s the times when companies are caught with their pants down.

OPPORTUNITY COMMUNICATIONS is the most effective tool for building reputation, grabbing attention and accelerating business. It is a way to tell your company’s story in sync with the rhythm of today’s fast-paced world. This means concrete actions everyday, every second. Opportunity communications means communication here and now, stepping up and taking your own place in the conversation. It is communications that sometimes awes with grand reputation-building gestures and sometimes delights with a simple tweet. Opportunity communications is in sync with the world: it reacts, it comments and it shares experiences together with its target group. It is an attitude that disregards the ideal of reputation management and boldly goes out into the world that has not only changed, but is also full of communicative opportunities to drive business forward.

Opportunity communications is an entirely new way to think about communicating, a way for organizations to speak up to gain attention, influence and reputation. This means speed and effort. The reward is an impactful and successful way for a company to tell its own story: with broader, more interesting and more relevant frameworks, with meaningful actions and with active dialogue. Opportunity communications is also a way to take over communicative power, to add some degree of order to the fast-paced world of communications and to build lasting reputation that is not based on managing and averting risk, but on interaction with the world.

Opportunity communications is a way of thinking: you don’t score when you're on defense.

In a world where belief in authority has changed to belief in peers, reputation is more important than ever. Communications should aim at actively leading reputation, not just managing it.  That means actions, not just words. CSR isn’t winning the first prize in a CSR report competition, it’s genuine actions that impact people and society. REPUTATION IS BUILT IN OPEN INTERACTION WITH THE WORLD.

People don’t trust organizations, they trust people. Not press releases, but employees. The best way to build a good reputation is from the inside. A successful company is a good employer and lets the world know about it, attracting the best employees.

If you are ready to grow your reputation and accelerate your business, let’s have a chat. And by the way, we don’t mess around when it comes to getting out there on that mat.

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