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Strategic Communication

Strategic Communication and Public Relations

Through strategic communication, we build our clients’ capacity to engage in dialogue with their staff, key stakeholders and society.

Ellun Kanat was established as a strategic communications agency more than ten years ago, and strategic communications planning remains one of our core strengths.

We draw on our continuously evolving societal insight to develop communication plans and strategies to enhance both the internal and external communication of organisations.

We act as our clients’ partner-in-change in all aspects of communication, from planning to implementation. We also provide support for weaving through the digital environment, offering media and presentation training, as well as social media training, analysis and advertising, among other services.

Our services

Strategic Communications

We assist companies in building and writing strategies that become a reality, both internally and externally. Communications strategies and plans have been at the core of our business since day one.

Digital Communications

In today’s digital environment, messages must be designed according to the terms of the prevailing environment. We help monitor and map out the digital environment, design and create strategic digital communications, produce striking content in different forms and use relevant indicators to measure their success.

Media and PR

We believe in well-planned PR and media work that is realised through actions. We also believe in PR and media acts that help companies and organisations to build reputation in journalistic media. In addition, we also offer coaching for media relations and public speaking.

Social Media

We coach senior management, experts, employee advocates and social media customer servants to find their best practises, whether their objective is to bring forward impressive and visionary experts, shape up the corporate image or simply to improve their customers’ experiences.

Influencer Collaborations

Successful influencer collaboration is based on shared partnership value. The terms of the partnership value are agreed upon with the influencer who has power over the designated target group. Social media influencers’ role as societal conversationalists for instance, is constantly increasing. Ellun Kanat supports in the planning, implementing and measuring of societally effective collaborations.

Analyses in Communications and Digital Communications

We prepare in-depth analyses that meet the special needs of our individual clients. We map out our client’s visibility, communicational risks, strengths and opportunities. In our analyses, megatrends affecting client’s business and industry, societal context, potential business risks and opportunities, corporate culture and responsibility are emphasized.