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Crisis Communication and Confidence Risks

Building trust is the key to continuity when a crisis takes you by surprise. Reputational risks have become an increasingly critical type of confidence risk.

We help our clients around the clock in the midst of a crisis, but we also identify trust risks in a changing business environment and take the proper steps to minimise these risks.

Proper situational and stakeholder analyses are crucial for strategic foresight in the early moments of a crisis. The situational analysis identifies the moral core of the crisis and decides on crisis management and communication tactics – and often takes the first steps within minutes. The core can also shift in the middle of a crisis. In the most unexpected situations, we are a damn fast and sharp partner, helping our clients 24/7 when needed.

However, the best crisis is a prevented crisis. As expectations have grown, the risk environment for businesses has changed, and confidence risks have become new long-term strategic and operational risks. These risks include financial, environmental and human resources risks. Stakeholders are playing an increasingly important role in value creation and business continuity. Simply doing things by the book no longer meets the expectations of all stakeholders. We help you identify trust risks, create a crisis prevention plan and take the necessary steps within your organisation to mitigate these risks. In doing so, we work with our clients to build future scenarios and resilience that create value, not just seek to preserve them.

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Our Services

Crisis Communications – 24/7

We help our clients to prepare for crises and turbulences, and to also get through them with a competent crisis management plan and comprehensive review of the situation – around the clock. Ellun Kanat has robust experience dealing with crises in for example fields of authoritative work, traditional media and social media, labour market communications, societal influencing and many more.

Future Scenarios

We improve our clients’ preparedness for the future and draw up scenarios that invoke vision. We collect data that is carefully utilised in the analysis of alternative future forecasts. Any megatrends related to clients’ businesses are always thoroughly scanned. Scenarios create the base for change and reinforce picturing the right direction.

Situational analysis 

We help our clients to form a clear picture of the present state of their operations. We draw up a precise and frank overviews of the client’s current situation based on analysis. 

We evaluate the risks and opportunities related to their communications. Based on the realistic analysis of the client’s situation we are able to choose the best strategy and next steps in regards to communications.

Crisis Communication Preparedness

We help our clients to improve their crisis management skills in a holistic manner. This considerably increases the probability of surviving the crisis unscathed. We compose concrete plans for crisis communications, coach key figures of the organisation, give a hand in communications and offer 24/7 support in the middle of crises. Our competence also covers crisis related to information operations and cyber security.

Reputation Research and Surveys

Ellun Kanat conducts research on reputation and tailored surveys according to the wishes of clients. The results are always evaluated in relation to the client’s strategy. We are also happy to assists our clients in communication and utilisation of the findings. In our research, we work with Finland’s best research institutes and collaborate with our partners.

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