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Let’s change the world.

We have the courage it takes to challenge ways of communicating, and when needed, we might spice up our bold vision with a few well-placed curses. Our way of dealing with surprises is darn fast and downright visionary.

Come for a visit

We make the world better from our office located at Käenkuja 3a in Sörnäinen, Helsinki.

During the renovation of Hämeentie, the easiest way to arrive to our office is by metro our bus.

For cars there is a limited amount of street parking spots available in front of the office building on Käenkuja as well as on Lintulahdenkuja.  The nearest car park is called P-Cityparkki (Sörnäisten rantatie 21) – from there, the office is just a short walk away through the Lintulahti Square.

Street and postal address

Käenkuja 3 a, 4th floor
00500 Helsinki

Billing information


Business ID:

PDF invoices should be sent to the following address:

We prefer electronic invoices when possible.

E-invoice information:

E-invoice address: 003722012758

E-invoice intermediary: Maventa

Intermediary ID : 003721291126

Questions about billing?
Send us a message at


In any matter related to administration, Nea Hjelt rules the roost and you should contact her!
Nea knows everything!

Do you want to become a change agent too?

Were you sparked by our vision? Would you like to work at Ellun Kanat?

Send your CV and open application through this link.

If you’d like to hear more about what goes on in the daily life of a change agent or ask for additional information, Sanna is happy to hear from you!

Open positions: 

Experienced consultant!

You definitely know if you are one.
Application period: NOW.
How: Send your CV and application through this link.
More info? Sanna