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Strategic Communications Agency Ellun Kanat to partner with Futurethink, the leading global innovation agency



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HELSINKI (October 9th, 2015) – Strategic Communications Agency Ellun Kanat will partner with Futurethink, the leading innovation agency in the world, to strengthen its capability to transform organizations and the way they communicate to meet the needs of the future.

“We are thrilled to partner with such a cutting-edge communications agency. Ellun Kanat has proven its expertise in all aspects of communication, which is essential to sustainable innovation within a company.” said Lisa Bodell, CEO of Futurethink and a renowned public speaker. ”Also, we hope this partnership will bridge the gap between communication and innovation, and provide a strategic advantage to clients on both ends, helping them better communicate and activate change.”

Ellun Kanat and Futurethink share a common objective to help organizations succeed in an operating environment where the only constant is change and differentiation is increasingly difficult. For Ellun Kanat, communications is the primary means of driving change, whereas Futurethink is focused on improving organizations’ innovation capabilities. These core competences complement each other exceptionally well, creating a solid basis for a mutual partnership.

“In today’s world, communications is a critical part of the business core. It passes through ways-of-workings, various business decisions, company identity and interaction with the company’s stakeholders. We think Futurethink, stirring up companies’ core elements with its disruptive methods, makes an excellent partner for our work in coaching businesses to thrive in the communicative era,“ says Kirsi Piha, President of Ellun Kanat.

Ellun Kanat sees a great advantage in being able to utilize the world’s largest library of innovation tools and resources provided by Futurethink to spark innovation. Specialized in taking advantage of real-time opportunities with clever and timely communications actions, Ellun Kanat is excited in being able to use Futurethink’s tools to break the barriers to innovation and bold initiatives.

Sustainable innovation can only thrive in a culture where leaders challenge thinking and people at all levels can anticipate and act on change. To change the mindset and ways of working, organizations need to communicate effectively in order to engage their employees. Thus, combining Futurethink’s innovation expertise with the experience Ellun Kanat has in internal communications, change management, and transforming organizations into better workplaces makes perfect sense.

Through an active exchange of methods and expertise, both companies also aim at developing their competences and services for the benefit of their rapidly growing clientele. Ellun Kanat will utilize Futurethink’s innovation tools to help its customers redefine the spectrum of possibility, ignite out-of-the-box thinking, and turn ideas into action. In addition, the two companies will cooperate to create content – such as articles, translations, and keynotes – and contribute expertise to a wide variety of media.

“One of our main goals is to strengthen our international network through top partnerships all around the world. We feel Futurethink’s expertise in fostering innovation makes them the perfect partner to help us positively shatter the status quo in the organizations we work with,” states Kirsi Piha. “We look forward to working with Futurethink. I’m sure the cooperation will also further provoke innovative thinking within Ellun Kanat.”