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The launching campaign of an unprecedented service

Wing, cultivated by Google X, chose Finland to be the very first country in Europe for its drone delivery service pilot in 2019. The objective of our collaboration was to gain media visibility and raise the awareness of Wing within Finnish citizens. We wanted to arouse excitement around the opportunities drone deliveries have in store.

Need for Change

To plan and implement a launching campaign for a new service in a completely new market – fast and without paid media. 

The Vision

The most important mission of Ellun Kanat was to shift the already reserved Finnish attitudes towards drones and to increase the excitement towards the new delivery service. We planned a campaign that mixed brand renewal, video, media work, collaboration with the city of Helsinki, and visibility in Slush, combining them all in a creative manner. Along with many others, we created a campaign concept for the launch, designed a brand image for the launch in the Finnish market, made a video about the possible uses of drones, and organized a media event and online survey for Wing. 

The Change

The campaign exceeded all expectations. We were able to involve the authorities, stakeholders, and citizens in the development of the service and drones ultimately became a hot topic. The launching of Wing was reported in more than 300 media sources, including Helsingin Sanomat, The New York Times, BBC, Telegraph, and TechChrunch. The campaign turned to global, only in hours. Its media value exceeded 10 million euros, and the campaign reached more than 100 million people. All done by means of organic media. The successful launch created excellent foundations for Wing to initiate its drone delivery pilot in summer 2019.


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