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Vantaan Energia

Strategic communications partnership

Vantaan Energia operates in a sector that has a tremendous impact on topics that have been discussed lately in public debates. Such topics are climate change, emissions and public savings. When Ellun Kanat and Vantaan Energia started collaborating in 2014, Vantaan Energia was not a prominent participant in these public discussions and its investments on responsibility did not attract the public’s attention.

From the very beginning, the partnership between Ellun Kanat and Vantaan Energia has been close and diverse. For Ellun Kanat it has meant staying by their side, being their sparring partner in daily life as well as through their transformation, rooting for speed and encouraging for change.

Roskaton kaupunki -kampanjan materiaalia. Hae roskapoliisiksi -rekrytpinti-ilmoitus.

Need for Change

The communication style of Vantaan Energia has been rather moderate and therefore the company’s investments on responsibility have not gained public attention. In the beginning of the partnership, the new waste-to-energy plant provided an opportunity to change the tone of communication and bring the responsible operations of Vantaan Energia closer to people.

The Vision

During the partnership, the strategic alignments of Vantaan Energia have been crystallised a few times in order to bring the actions and words closer to people and everyday life. The attitude of doing things in a novel way has been made visible by many big deeds like Roskattomin kaupunki (The most garbageless city) and Roskapoliisit (The garbage police) concepts – both of them still carrying on today.

Over the past few years the focus of the company’s operations and communications has been boldly shifted to correspond to the responsibility themes of the future.

Kaksi esimerkkiä julisteista, joissa lukee muun muassa "Annetaan hiilikädenjäljen kasvaa" ja "Kivihiiletön 2022"
x koirankakkakampanjan tarroista: "Kakan kerääminen kannattaa – teemme siitä sähköä ja lämpöä"

The Change

Today, Vantaan Energia is known for being a pioneer in the energy industry in regards to sustainability. In October 2015 Vantaan Energia and the city of Vantaa published a Vantaasta Suomen roskattomin kaupunki (Vantaa is to be the city with the smallest amount of waste) manifest and the vision of being the city with the smallest amount of waste turned into actions. In the year 2016, every third of the electricity contracts were already renewable energy contracts (Today known as waste-to-energy.)

Vantaa is to be the city with the smallest amount of waste manifest also won the societal communications category in the MTL Communications Awards in 2016.

A big strategic leap was taken in 2019 when Vantaan Energia announced that it will resign from using coal earlier than expected – already by the year 2022. In order to make the change considerable also in the eyes of customers, we updated the brand strategy of Vantaan Energia during the end of 2019.


“Ellun Kanat has been furbishing and challenging us and due that we have managed to make a huge transformation in our marketing communications. Especially opportunity communications has gained us a plenty of earned media attention.”

Teija Korpela the CCO of Vantaan Energia


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