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Scenario work that reaches every part of the organisation

Personnel services, recruitment and human resource industries are constantly facing changes. Development in the field is tightly linked to political decision-making. Barona’s desire was to create a common vision and ways of having organization-wide conversations by the means of scenario work.

Need for Change

Barona wanted to understand the possibilities and alternatives of dynamics and trends as well as to create a common vision and ways to discuss about the future with every part of the organisation.

The Vision

By identifying and analyzing megatrends, political trends as well as the possible sector specific progressions and changes in customer needs, Ellun Kanat created four future scenarios for Barona. The scenarios were written out as storyful narratives based on a comprehensive analysis of the industry’s future.

Each scenario included a scenario specific description of Barona as a company, a suggestion for development in their service offering and a list of the required measures and phenomena that demands observation.

The Change

The scenarios were utilised in Barona’s strategy renewal as well as in the development of their service offering, organisational structure and organisational competence. In addition, the scenarios were used to create sales tools for Barona. 

Dismantling the meanings behind these scenarios has been a broad, long-term process at Barona. Furthermore, the scenarios were translated to English for the use of Barona’s subsidiaries. The contents were also applied to the Nordic framework that Barona operates in. 

The scenario work was important for us in many ways. It provided a common vocabulary for the use of our whole management to discuss the future in our own terms. We were also able to construct a common vision about what is possible and what probable. The scenarios have been widely utilised in the development of our company’s services and they have served as an inspiration for our whole personnel. The future is not frightening, but rather exciting.“

Minna Vanhala-Harmanen, the CEO of Barona

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