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Lakimiesliitto (The Association of Finnish Lawyers)

Bringing the constitutional state to the centre of the election debate

We are all equal before the law, they say. However, trials and legal proceedings often seem to last for ages. There are substantial financial risks involved, and many times shame and unawareness prevent people from seeking for justice. It’s just not right. The Association of Finnish Lawyers wanted help in order to increase people’s faith in the Finnish legal system and bring forward accessibility issues that reside with legal services.



Need for Change

The desire to restore people’s faith in the legal system and eventually improving the resources dedicated for judicature in Finland.

The Vision

We at Ellun Kanat identified that all lawyers are characterized by willingness to defend the constitutional state. We created a campaign called Oikeus kuuluu kaikille (Justice belongs to all) that led to increased activity in social media among the members of The Association of Finnish Lawyers. The objective of the campaign was to bring legal justice to the center of the election debate.

otteita kampanjavideosta: harvinaisen tyly ovimies estää pitkää jonoa ihmisiä evää räntäsateessa jonottavilta ihmisiltä pääsyn käräjäoikeuden pakeille

The Change

Legal justice became one of the main topics in the parliamentary elections and achieved broad societal visibility through the campaign. Tweets with #oikeuskuuluukaikille hashtags were shared over 1100 times on Twitter. In broadcast and print media, the campaign attracted 48 hits and the topic was widely discussed in media such as Helsingin Sanomat, Yle and Mtv3.

As a result, the constitutional state became one of the eight main topics in the government programme of Antti Rinne. The programme also met the requirements of the government programme theses of The Association of Finnish Lawyers. The campaign also made its way to social studies textbook in schools.

”All in all, I’m very pleased to have collaborated with Ellun Kanat. Our situation was understood well. What we found to be especially valuable was the fact that you challenged us! You don’t give in easily when clients are having their first doubts. Instead, you challenge them to be even more courageous – and you do it a second time! The collaboration with Ellun Kanat was nice and things got done in an efficient manner. Full on.”

Janne Laukkanen, Director of Communications and Public Relations at Lakimiesliitto

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Jaakko Mustakallio

Change agent, Senior advisor, Client director