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Que sera, Michelle Obama?


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The presidential election in the United States is mainly sad and depressing to watch. The only light in the darkness has been Michelle Obama and the speeches she has given, full of reason and sanity, as part of the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton. The question now remains, what will and can this charismatic woman do, when the Obamas leave the White House on January 20th, 2017. Michelle Obama will be 53-year-old and she will still have about 20 years left for an active career.

Only a handful of first ladies, as the wives of the presidents of the United States are called, have left the White House with escalating prestige – especially if the person has been politically active. Michelle Obama is one of most politically vocal first ladies, but she has managed to steer clear of any controversies. Her distinct political activism indicates that she may well be interested in politics, after her husband’s career is completed.

We already know that the Obamas will continue living in Washington D.C. at least till the year 2018, when their daughter Sasha will finish her school there. Will they then return to their native city of Chicago? The Obama Presidential Library will be build in Chicago. In any case, Barack Obama will write his memoirs of the years in the office in the White House. It is estimated that he will make a profit of 20 to 45 million with the memoirs.

Before her husband got elected, Michelle Obama worked as the Vice President for Community and External Affairs at the Medical Centre, in the University of Chicago. Returning to the university might be somewhat logical, because the road to the political arenas for her won’t be ready until the elections in 2020. The University also hosts the Institute of Politics, which is run by one of the key players and a political adviser to the Obamas, David Axelrod.

The second senator for Obamas’ home state of Illinois will be elected in this elections as well. The current senator for Illinois, Mark Kirk (R) is the underdog, at least according to RealClearPolitics. He has been challenged by a member of the House of representatives, Tammy Duckworth (D). It seems pretty clear that Duckworth will be elected. The other senator for Illinois is the 71-year-old Dick Durbin (D). He was re-elected to continue in the office in the elections of 2014. Durbin is the minority whip in the senate, in the democratic party hierarchy.

If Michelle Obama really desires for a political career, she will set her sights for the seat that will become vacant from Durbin, in the elections of 2021.

And if the 68-year-old Hillary Clinton now wins the presidential elections, it is very likely that she will run again in the elections of 2020. After that – whether Hillary will be elected or not – the path for candidacy in 2024 will be open, in the democratic party. It would be natural that, as a senator, Michelle Obama would then run for candidacy.

One of the future projects for Barack Obama has to do with the reassignment of the election districts for the House of Representatives, after the census of 2020. Success in that would make the life a democratic president much easier. The republicans made this one of their main projects after the census of 2010. Results were obvious. In the last election for the House of Representatives, the republicans received 52% of the vote, but 57% of the seats.

Whether or not this will happen, we are sure to hear more about the charismatic Michelle Obama in the future.

That would and will do much good for the politics and the general discussions of our times.


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