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Peace of mind from the Tax Administration

In 2019 the process of filing for tax returns changed and the Finnish Tax Administration (Verohallinto) needed a campaign that would guide people to the tax administration’s website instead of filling up paper forms. An ambitious goal was set: 65 percent of Finland’s citizens would revise and fill up their tax return particularly through the internet.

Need for Change

To have citizens to revise and fill up their tax return mainly via the internet.

The Vision

We identified the common feeling that united the shared lack of motivation concerning tax return fill ups. We decided to grasp this feeling and show that as taxpayers ourselves we truly understand.

We, together with the Finnish Tax Administration, created a series of emphatic-ironic “That feeling when” videos and ASMR mindfulness videos where Finnish Tax Administration’s “tax whisperer” yogis gently instructed how to fill up a tax return form.

The Change

The campaign was widely recognised and it exceeded all of the set expectations: 81% of the citizens filing for their tax returns did it through the OmaVero (MyTax) web service. The campaign was visible on TV and in the internet. In addition, the competent staff of Finnish Tax Administration’s communications team shared the campaign idea throughout their media and customer communication channels. The publications attracted plenty of positive attention, also in the international colleagues of the Finnish Tax Administration.

“Filing for a tax return resonates positively only when it’s over and done with. The campaign succeeded with its peace-of-mind message and encouraged Finnish citizens that they can actually do it! Besides, it made people see us from a bit of a different perspective: the Tax Administration can also be empathetic and compassionate, even funny. The results exceeded all expectations and speak for themselves.”

Nilla Hietamäki, CCO of Verohallinto (Finnish Tax Administration)

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