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Clarifying the employer image and employee experience

With customer experience being a widely researched topic, the experience of employees often remains a mystery in many organizations. Organizational development and competing for the best employees are often dwarfed by the same mystery.

This was also the case with Seure staffing services, which is a provider of work opportunities in the fields of social work and healthcare, early childhood education, culture as well as other fields of the service sector. Seure was lacking a clear image when it came to their employee experience.

Need for Change

To clarify the employer image and to enhance the employee experience.

The Vision

The co-operation journey between Ellun Kanat and Seure started with an exploration to the Seure psyche. We asked, interviewed, and involved employees as well as surveyed for any under the surface sorenesses and spots that might have been hitting a nerve. We gathered the agency workers, employers and Seure office personnel together, around a big table, to have a dialogue. Around the same table, we facilitated an equal conversation where everyone was heard and the understanding of the viewpoints and experiences of others was increased. With the help of the answers from the survey and dialogue we discovered hidden treasures and understood how agency workers’ excitement is related to the clarity of their first job experiences. In addition, we understood how one’s work and the appreciation around it is strongly formed through work community and social interaction.

Through this process, the assumptions transformed to knowledge. The descriptions about the employees’ inner motivation challenges and good as well as bad experience journeys were formed. After the voices of the employees had been heard, we created concrete action point suggestions for Seure for improving their employee experience.

The Change

Based on the proposals of Ellun Kanat, Seure started creating solutions for better working routines. By the means of the suggested improvements, Seure is now concretely able to affect the working life of more than 11 000 employees.

“ The project met the schedule and the objectives were fulfilled. Co-operation with Ellun Kanat was convenient and they rapidly understood what we were striving for. Through this collaboration, we at Seure have started creating even better employee experiences than before.”