The world is getting faster, more interactive and more communicative, but we are not afraid. Just the opposite. The new world brings loads of new opportunities! As the world changes, so must the way to get things done. Communications must become the accelerator of business at the core of the company.


We shake things up, blaze new trails and make way for change. We are the challenger who doesn’t think twice about stepping on it and jumping into the race. Any other attitude withers and kills. For those who want to shift gears and crank up the speed. And mean it. Cheers, Ellu.

Yes, there have been questions. Why don’t we have a “community manager”, a “director of communications” or even a “senior planner” sitting at meetings? The fact is, we don’t hide behind titles. We leave them behind and put communications up front. And not just any old communications.

We break the boundaries of communications, barge into the C-suite and give a mouthful to marketing. We get our hands dirty with content, challenge our brains to shake up strategy and go where communications isn’t expected to go.

The world of communicative arrhythmia needs strategic thinkers, skillful tacticians and experts in marketing, communications and business, not pretentious bullshitters. From us, you don’t get fancy titles. You get professionals.

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