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Executive Insights special issue and invitation: Join us to have a look at the world in 2021 and beyond!

Would you like to get a brighter view of the future based on analyzed data and wide co-creation of people who live and breathe the ongoing change in companies? You are warmly invited to join Ellun Kanat and Inclus, an innovative future tool operator to get insights of what will happen in 2021 and beyond. Let us explain why and how.

Year 2020 has been a year of profound changes and it has shown us that the future is happening now. Being able to look forward and outward is becoming a key skill for companies. It is important to anticipate and understand changes in consumer behaviour, in technology and in other fields that affect the business environment that is becoming increasingly complex and competitive in the face of covid-19 and also with growing ecological crises.

This requires a new way of thinking in companies where scenarios could help. Taking time to dig into different possible scenarios helps us to prepare for different situations that might occur and helps us to react more swiftly. It is also good to avoid being locked in one plan. In turbulent situations, futures thinking gives us the advantage of feeling more in control – we have thought things through and we know what to do. In the best case, scenarios help us to to vision the future we want to build and strategic choices how to get there. Research shows that in the face of depression those companies that react first survive best. But this also requires a change in company culture to be more flexible, innovative, empowered and data oriented. This is where we can work together, now!

This time, our Executive Insights Newsletter includes an invitation: we want to invite you to bring in YOUR insights on the future.  You can contribute and participate in the co-creation of a view of the future by assessing the trends in theInclus tool located below. The results of the work will be published in January, and made available for use to all of you. We are all navigating in the middle of the storm. The best way to make sense of what will happen in the future is to collectively pursue answers and unite our knowledge. We are excited to figure out what the future will look like and we are delighted to invite you on board!

Elina Kiiski-Kataja is the Director of Research and Foresight at Ellun Kanat Company. She has a long experience in strategic foresight work with government, companies and NGO´s.Risto Siilasmaa is the chairman of F-Secure and investor in Inclus. They are both great fans of strategic foresight as a tool to build a better future. 

This way to the future: Inclus scenario tool

Below you will find a link to the Inclus tool which contains questions about trends that might affect your business environment. You are asked to evaluate whether different trends are likely to happen and what is their impact to your company or organisation. Naturally, your answers will stay anonymous. You can participate until 15th December 2020.

Answering takes around 10 minutes. Through the results, Inclus is able to give us all great insight on what is likely to happen and which trends are going to have a big impact on companies.

We will share the results with all of you. To get the results remember to subscribe to the Ellun Kanat Executive Insights Newsletter at the bottom of this page! The more answers we get, the better insight we will have on what will happen in the future and post-Covid world. Welcome on board!

Participate here

Ps. If you want to know more about scenario work you can have a look at Risto Siilasmaa and Mikaeli Langinvainio from Inclus discussing the topic.



Inspired By

Interested in background reading on the future for your insights and how it might influence your company? Ellun Kanat published recently a wide report “Double Disruption – what every company needs to know about the future”. If you are interested, you can download it here:

English version

Finnish version


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Thanks for joining us for Executive Insights special contributing issue! See you in January with the results, insights and much more to come for 2021!