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Whistleblowing channel

To promote an open, transparent and safe culture, we have introduced a whistleblowing channel. The introduction of the Whistleblowing Reporting Channel is based on the Whistleblower Protection Act and the European Union Whistleblower Protection Directive.

The Whistleblowing Channel provides a confidential channel to bring to internal investigation a suspicion of possible misconduct or policy violation. Whistleblowing can be done anonymously. In the first instance, it is a good idea to raise your concern or suspicion with your immediate manager, management or your own contact person. If discussion does not seem to be a good option or does not work, you can always use this channel to report the matter. The whistleblowing channel is implemented in such a way that the whistleblower cannot be identified if you wish to report anonymously.

All reports will be treated confidentially, protecting the privacy of the reporter and the subject. Personal data is processed in accordance with the obligations under the Data Protection Act (1050/2018). A report can be made on the basis of suspicion and without actual evidence, as long as it is made honestly and in good faith. Whistleblowing reports received through the Whistleblowing channel are handled by Ellun Kanat HR staff, who will initiate the necessary investigations.

The handling will be confidential. Confidentiality also applies when the whistleblower himself/herself reveals his/her identity.

If the notification concerns one of the handlers, he or she is not involved in the handling and investigation of the case.

Once received, we will acknowledge receipt of your notification within 7 days. If necessary, we will ask you for further information during the investigation. This step will also be done through the channel, confidentially and anonymously. We will inform you of the outcome of the investigation via the channel within 3 months of the notification.

At the end of the reporting process, you will receive a personal code to track the progress of the report.

If you have filed a report and lose the case code, we will ask you to file a new report referring to your original report. This will allow us to continue the investigation in cooperation with you.

You can report here.