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City of Hyvinkää

#Hyvinkäy – Brand image campaign for the city of Hyvinkää

The municipalities of Greater Helsinki are struggling to appeal citizens between the age of 20 and 40. Therefore, Hyvinkää wanted to execute a brand and awareness campaign which would increase the city’s visibility particularly within the aforementioned target group. The goal of the campaign was to highlight the strengths of Hyvinkää as a great place to live by bringing forward the youthful and authentic aspects of the city.

Need for Change

To represent the youthful and authentic side of Hyvinkää in a fresh and novel way that has little resemblance to traditional marketing materials.

The Vision

In order to make Hyvinkää better known within the campaign’s target group, Ellun Kanat carried out brand image campaign titled #Hyvinkäy with two social media influencers. Natalia Salmela, the content producer behind White Trash Disease and Esko Kyrö, the author of the E2O-blog both moved to Hyvinkää and lived there for a month. During the month, the influencers updated their social media channels with content related to the various events and services that took place in Hyvinkää as well as other daily life experiences in the city. In addition to the social media influencer campaign, Ellun Kanat created the visual identity for the campaign.

The Change

The campaign was highly praised for its boldness. It successfully attracted the attention of the target audience and the pre-existing audiences of the influencers were also excited about it. The campaign reached 1,5 millions views in total and had more than 800 000 individual viewers. The city of Hyvinkää gained plenty of attention in media, both in local newspapers as well as in main media channels such as radio and television. In journalistic media, the campaign attracted 29 hits.