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Analyses and data
Direction of change

Analyses and Data

When it comes to transformation, Ellun Kanat is the client’s most visionary partner. Our vision is steadily set on data, comprehensive analyses and strategic future thinking.

We’ll guide you in forming a vision of the direction of change and the desired future for your company with the help of foresight and scenario planning tools. We put our transformation competence and megatrends to good use in order to seamlessly support our clients in their endeavors. Future foresight is applied to any possible upcoming disruptions, and they are always analysed carefully. We also collaborate with the best researchers of the field.

Our services

Future Scenarios

We improve our clients’ preparedness for the future and draw up scenarios that invoke vision. We collect data that is carefully utilised in the analysis of alternative future forecasts. Any megatrends related to clients’ businesses are always thoroughly scanned. Scenarios create the base for change and reinforce picturing the right direction.

Situational analysis 

We help our clients to form a clear picture of the present state of their operations. We draw up a precise and frank overviews of the client’s current situation based on analysis. 

We evaluate the risks and opportunities related to their communications. Based on the realistic analysis of the client’s situation we are able to choose the best strategy and next steps in regards to communications.

Crisis Communication Preparedness

We help our clients to improve their crisis management skills in a holistic manner. This considerably increases the probability of surviving the crisis unscathed. We compose concrete plans for crisis communications, coach key figures of the organisation, give a hand in communications and offer 24/7 support in the middle of crises. Our competence also covers crisis related to information operations and cyber security.

Analyses in Communications and Digital Communications

We prepare in-depth analyses that meet the special needs of our individual clients. We map out our client’s visibility, communicational risks, strengths and opportunities. In our analyses, megatrends affecting client’s business and industry, societal context, potential business risks and opportunities, corporate culture and responsibility are emphasized.

Reputation Research and Surveys

Ellun Kanat conducts research on reputation and tailored surveys according to the wishes of clients. The results are always evaluated in relation to the client’s strategy. We are also happy to assists our clients in communication and utilisation of the findings. In our research, we work with Finland’s best research institutes and collaborate with our partners.

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