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The city of Helsinki

The Pioneers

The population of Helsinki is continuously increasing and statistics show the number will keep climbing during the upcoming years and decades. Therefore, The Helsinki City Planning Department wanted to involve Helsinkians in the discussion of the city’s growth. Helsinki is prepared to have more than 860 000 residents by the year 2050, which would be around a quarter million residents more than today. The city of Helsinki was in need for new tools to concretize the change in an understandable and interesting manner.

Need for Change

To involve Helsinki residents in the discussion regarding the city’s growth and to create tools that concretise change in a comprehensible and interesting way.

The Vision

Ellun Kanat created a concept of Uudisraivaajat (The Pioneers) which utilised some novel ways of working. The concept harnessed the capabilities of Helsinki residents to develop the future Helsinki. Simultaneously, the dialogue between the city and its inhabitants was increased. In order to put the change into words and communicate it effectively, also a video, brochure and infographics were created.

The Change

The Uudisraivaajat concept was met with enthusiasm. In addition, the recruitment process gained plenty of public attention and the public discussion around city planning has been animated ever since.

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